11 Jun 2010

About educations

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As educators, we are forced, and always willing to learn, develop and maintain learning environments / concept – both to sell and to implement in our own programs.

Constant evaluation of projects and educations (content, form, method) has given us a solid experience of learning both practical and theoretical.

Always the same questions: What does the mission demands? Why? How should it be implemented? What does it cost? What’s the goal? What’s the potential? What do the students need?

We have more than fifteen years experience in developing training concepts and to implement them. Today we are involved in a number of Advanced Vocational Educations both as implementers and as subcontractors. Read more about YH-myndigheten (the Vocational Education Authority).

Today we run Futuregames and TeknikIllustratör.

Changemaker AB / Futuregames are part of the Swedish Games Industry. Read what they say about swedish game education here.

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