11 Jun 2010

References and Clients

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Through the years we have worked with many. A few projects we want to describe a bit more in detail in the headlines below, but there are also many others who had the courtesy to let us bring out their names in our list of references.

Contact us and we’ll give you tips about people you might ask, if you want to hear one person’s independent views on their cooperation with Changemaker and what results that have created. Here is a selection of our clients (in alphabetical order):

ABF in Motion – training for change and project managers.

Anton B Nielsen – pre studies, concept design for Vocational Training – Yrkeshögskoleutbildningar

Arvikafestivalen – workhops and organizational development, project management in the EU-project Music City.

Arvika Municipality – concept development of entrepreneurship programs.

Arvika Business Centre – partner of KY-training game maker in Arvika and the new Polytechnic utbidlningen Industrial Teachers.

Berghs School of Communication – pre studu and concept design Vocation Training Courses – Yrkeshögskoleutbildningar

Blekinge Institute of Technology – cooperation on KY-training Creative Programming and Animation.

Botkyrka Municipality- cooperation on Vocational education, The Garden, pre study, concept design.

Capgemini Procure Systems – pre study, agile training, scrum methods

Ericsson – supplier of leadership, team building and communication

Folkets Hus & Parker – concept design and training for change and project managers in Arrangörsskolan

Foreign Technicians and Engineers – a subcontractor in leadership and team training.

Glöstorpsskolan – work with several teams about team building, communication and leadership, and implementation of education president.

Göteborgs Brandservice AB – team building and process management

Hållbarhetsrådet – Durability Council – implementation of the Nordic Council environment conference agenda, Scandinavia, “Jordens agenda“.

Härryda Municipality – evaluation and development workshops.

Karlstad University – feasibility and concept development.

Learning Tree International – supplier of leadership, team building and communication.

Lin Education AB – consulting

Mistra Urban Futures – consulting and process management

NRK 2 – work on organizational and leadership development, and enhanced efforts at the Culture Editor.

Galaxen Creative / Opus 1600 – concept development and training officer / executive. Chief is Ingesund Folkhögskola

Göteborgs Regionen, Pedagogiskt Centrum – project management, workshops

PyPy/Open Endproject management and documentation of the development methodology used in the project

Science Festival in Gothenburg – concept development and execution of various training workshops.

Semcon – provider of project management training and maintenance of a subdivision with vision, communication and project management.

Skaraborgs kommunalförbund and STEPS – evaluation and process management

Vitlycke Museum – idea development, concept design

Xenter – partner of Advanced Vocational education in The Garden Botkyrka.

Önnered School – work with several teams about team building, communication and leadership.