Change comes
from new

Change comes
from new

Change comes
from new


This is what we are changing right now – cities, companies, organizations and people! Read more about our different projects and be inspired.


Get things done, make things happen. Strategy, innovation, implementation, project and process management are among our greatest strengths.

Corporate Training Courses

Sharpen your skills in personal leadership, change management, game development, e-commerce, sales, communication and more! >>


New perspectives means new solutions

Collaborations, processes, out-of-the-box thinking and light bulb moments.

We are change consultants. We help companies, organizations and individuals see things through new perspectives to find smart solutions to their problems or challenges.

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EU Projects

We are all Europeans. It's important to work together to enhance this common identity.
Learn more about how we work with EU Projects

Lead Farm

Within European green worker co-operatives today it has proven difficult to involve young people, to get them to take over...
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Scie-Citizens is an Erasmus+ project that aims to remove boundaries within the educational sector and to enable open, new methods for lifelong learning.


The PERMIND Project is an innovative approach to agriculture, applying permaculture in the recovery process of people with mental illness....
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Our ‘Voices’

The Our ‘Voices’ project creates impact through mobilisation of data and will contribute to build and expand the foundation of...
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EUdigiTAC – Digitally Crafting New Communities of Practice is an international project by Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Västra Götaland, Changemaker AB, University...
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TOTCOOP+i is a strategic partnership for educational innovation for European agricultural cooperatives. The partnership is conducted within the framework of...
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What is your challenge?

Let us help you see it all from a different perspective and come up with a solution!

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This is what we are changing right now! Learn more about the different projects that we are involved in.

Community Reporters

Community Reporters is an international network (six countries in Europe) of reporters, started in Manchester, England. The aim with the...
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Bar Sociál

Bar Sociál is an NGO with the purpose to promote social, economic and ecological sustainable development in and around the...
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FUNKTEK – Co-Creative Museum Development

In a joint project called FUNKTEK – co-creative museum development – we will collaborate together with Göteborgs Stadsmuseum, Utopias and...
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Innovation Platform Gothenburg

In Gothenburg, Sweden a new Innovation Platform for Sustainable Urban Development are being established. The platform will be an arena...
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We are developing an interactive, participatory and digital platform in order to preserve, develop and pass on the available knowledge of weaving into the future.


How can we make a difference through food? Follow the urban food movement and learn more about producing food in...
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House of Change

We believe that great things happen when great people meet. That’s why we’ve decided to make our building at Åsögatan...
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We are always working on new ideas - and when they become big enough, they take on a life of their own. Let us present - the ChangeMaker Universe. We head up educational training, game development and an urban food movement, as well as an inspirational news site. Visit their separate sites below.

CM Educations

Educations for a changing society! We offer educational programs, corporate courses and training to give you the right competence – today and tomorrow.


The Future of Game Development! At FutureGames we offer both higher vocational game development programs and gaming courses. We have on-going close contact with the industry.


How can we make a difference through food? Follow the urban food movement, attend our FoodMaker Educational Program and learn more about producing food for the future.

Honk Please!

Honk Please! is an inspirational news site, a publisher, live events and a physical creative space. We feature people and projects that are changing the world. Visit our site to be inspired!