Our ‘Voices’

The Our ‘Voices’ project creates impact through mobilisation of data and will contribute to build and expand the foundation of a sustainable European network of digital Community Reporting centers which will reach out to individuals and communities, especially those who are isolated or excluded. The project centers around the collection and sharing of stories from individuals and communities.

Our ‘Voices’ aims to empower young people in vulnerable or excluded areas of society by giving them the tools to spread their stories digitally and to grow as people. At first hand, the network aims to reach individuals and/or communities that are in other ways excluded, marginalized or isolated from society. Our ‘Voices’ aims to collect and share stories and information from these individuals and communities in order to influence decision makers, and to make other parts of society more aware.

Through the project different models are developed for both formal and informal learning, centering around the collection, processing, classification and production of data and stories.

The data and reports are then made available, and can be used to develop ideas and entrepreneurship in each community. The stories can be used to aid the sharing of experiences at both a national and European level, concerning both issues of citizenship, politics and entrepreneurship.