International Projects

At Changemaker we work with International projects because we want to test our ideas on a larger scale. We look at what we are doing in Sweden, and then ask ourselves: how would this work on a European level? What can we contribute with from our learnings in Sweden in a larger European project?

We are all Europeans and we think It’s important to work together in order to enhance this common identity. Some of the challenges that European countries are facing are the same, so it’s beneficial to try to find common solutions.

We also enjoy meeting a lot of interesting people, coming from different countries, backgrounds and perspectives. We’ve learned that if something works in Sweden, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work on a European level. The power of working in intercultural collaborations with people from different cultures is what makes these projects so interesting. You come up with solutions that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself; you start understanding these new perspectives and learn how they can all bring value to a project. It’s an interesting challenge.

These are some of the international projects that we are involved in right now, with the contribution of the Erasmu+ programme:

STEAM process: it promotes the use of artistic soft skills in science/tech education and practice

Leadfarm 5.0:  is a training project that aims to improve the adaptive capacity of agri-food co-operatives to the great challenges arising from climate change and digital transformation, by developing a new training strategy, based on methodological and digital innovations

Gardens: it expects all participants to be more conscious of the role community gardens have in teaching and engagement of socially marginalised adult learners (migrants, people with disabilities, people with lower education, elderly) in an inclusive setting


If you are interested in learning more about the EU projects we are currently involved in, or if you wish to reach us to discuss other collaborations on an EU-level, please contact