Circular Skills

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Circular Skills is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership in innovation for VET. CM is the leading partner and is collaborating with other organizations based in Germany, Finland, Italy, Poland and Slovakia.

The Circular Skills project seeks to improve the vocational training of so-called circle life skills. Critical design thinking is a key approach to facing such a challenge, which is based on co-creation processes that bring learners to design and implement solutions. The core is the human-centred mindset, which enables learners to combine needs with the advantages of the circular economy and discover unexpected solutions.

CIRCULAR SKILLS will be combined out of three phases and will produce three products:

  • desktop research on identifying smart practices in teaching and applying circular economy principles

Fill in the Self-assessment grid and reflect on your circular economy skills readiness.

  • a need assessment will be launched to understand the demands of the education provider and the learners in the partnership countries

Read the Guide to teach circular skills in VET education

  • three training modules based on the results of the desktop research, helping SMEs to adapt to the main aspects of the circular economy, focused on learners, providing them with the skills to apply circular economy principles in their work life, helping socio-economic disadvantaged learners to gain the skills to start their own businesses.

Use the training modules to teach Circular economy

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