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The DesigningVET is a project funded by the Erasmus+ program for VET providers

DesigningVET – reflecting on design skills and strategies in VET Keywords like design thinking, SCRUM, and agility are currently fashionable and are heavily used in project and business management.

However, in VET education the concepts are little known and educators are unaware of the benefits and limits of those methods. Social and experience design has the advantage that knowledge is not just transferred on a cognitive level but through emotional and experiential learning, which enables a deeper understanding of skills and values.

Experience design is crucial for ethics, intercultural skills, leadership and conflict resolution, while design thinking encourages co-creation and co-working processes, based on community and collective intelligence.

The content of a learning experience aims to provide the things that your learners need to be able to do a task. The structure of the content reflects the most logical order in which the content should be presented to support the completion of a task. Human beings respond to experiences and learn from them. For educational design, it means creating “experiences” for the learners and meeting their needs.

Designing VET will explore other practices and contexts, in which other design methods might be used. Our interest is to help VET providers in Europe to adapt to the modern work skills enshrined in experience design and design thinking, test their applicability, by teaching, applying and testing the practices and create tangible results for the participating organisations, but as well as European VET providers in general.