Education February 2, 2023

Unicorn: how to communicate your uniqueness

Final meeting for the Unicorn - Erasmus+ project in Gothenburg

Communication strategies are a way to expand the audience of small companies and NGOs. At the same time, these same actors don’t take so much care of communication because perhaps it is too expensive for their small budgets, and/or they haven’t specialised employees who can easily create messages.

The Unicorn project analysed examples of communication strategies in four different fields:

  • Audience design
  • Audience and community building
  • Message building and Storytelling
  • Campaigning and message distribution

On the 1st and 2nd of February 2023 Changemaker hosted the last meeting of the project. We discussed the project’s outputs developed so far and the last steps to take before the project end in March 2023.

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