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The Game is on

Posted on25 Aug 2015
The game Future Happiness Challenge aims at communicating the results of the report Low-Carbon Gothenburg. The game is easily accessible game and can be used in schools, at workplaces,...
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Honk Please!

Posted on26 Jun 2015
Honkplease is newly started and is a part of Changemaker AB. It could be a publishing house as well as a public relation agency, we´ll...
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The Foodmaker Book

Posted on09 Jun 2015
Foodmaker is an education and perhaps the beginning of a movement. The education has been tested and evaluated and started for the second time. Foodmaker is...
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Partille Kulturum

Posted on28 Jan 2015
How to use culture and education as tools for city development? How do you design a house for and with different actors and users: library,...
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Bronze Age Binoculars

Posted on06 Mar 2014
In a joint project with Vitlycke World Heritage, The Interactive Institute and Changemaker AB, the aim of Bronze Age Binoculars is to research, design, prototype...
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