How we work

We are process leaders. We can guide you through the change process from start to finish.

Steps of our interactive change sessions:

We tailor make interactive change sessions for our clients following these steps:

  • Mapping of the current situation (risk analysis, identifying bottlenecks in existing processes)
  • Identifying a desired outcome (which effects should the change result in, and how will it affect the work flow and roles withing the organization)
  • Validating the desired outcome within the organization (will the proposed process work and how accurately does it fit in with the organization?)
  • Action plan (identifying what measures are needed to implement the desired change each step of the way)
  • Documenting the plan of action (all steps are documented and signed off; the document will then act as a basis of decision)
  • Supporting the implementation and evaluating the change (coaching groups and individuals, training, design and perform scheduled validation, documentation etc,)

(In a hurry? The above process can be accelerated to fit within a week.)

Some of our change tools:

All our processes are implemented in close cooperation with our client to ensure that the process and outcome are as needs-oriented as possible.

Workshops: An effective way of working with change and development. Everyone involved in the project meet and work together to find solutions for a common goal.

Definition and delimitation: What problems are we looking to solve, and what areas should be left untouched at this point?

Intentions: Define; what are we / you are looking to achieve with this process? The clearer the expectations and success criteria, the better the result.

Integration of the result: Reality check – is this relevant? How can the result of the process be implemented in our day to day business?


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