Jiddra Inte – Adda Livet

Feeling outside is devastating. For everyone involved. Regardless of why or who you are.

Changemaker Educations is the project leader and lead visualizer of Stiftelsen Jiddra Inte’s (The Jiddra Inte Foundation’s) important work with counteracting alienation among young people. During a 3-year project called ‘Adda Livet’ the foundation is working to spread information about drugs, net drugs and substance abuse with the goal of informing young people about the risks associated with drugs in a non-judgemental way. 

Unfortunately, more and more young people die because they are unaware of the risks associated with mixing alcohol, drugs and medicine. With the help of Changemaker Educations, Jiddra Inte are working both digitally and physically to reach youth in the risk zone. This is done through camps, mentorship and events, as well as a digital platform where young people can find information, advice and support.

A new digital platform

Fredrik Jonsson, AD / CD and UX designer at Changemaker, is responsible for the development of the new digital platform for Jiddra Inte:

“It’s important that young people can have confidence for Jiddra Inte and feel at home on the platform. We don’t want to point any fingers.”

So far, Changemaker Educations have worked together with Christian Bagge and Cloudreel to create around 40 films where young people and their relatives and friends share their views on drugs, peer-pressure, curiosity, alienation, etc. The goal is to talk with young people on their own terms. We also aim to get young people more involved and to feel a sense of community when visiting the website. The platform will launch in Sep – Oct 2019.

Drogfrågan and being the natural point of contact

Changemaker Educations is also the project leader for several of Jiddra Inte’s many productions:

“In cooperation with Forsbergs school we have developed a conversation game called ‘Drogfrågan’. It’s an amazing tool that helps young people open up and start talking about drugs. They share personal experiences and confide in each other. The game has been tested with focus groups and at events, and is now available as a tool for schools and teachers,” explains Anna Möller at Changemaker, Project Leader and Coordinator for Jiddra Inte.

“Our goal is for young people to see us as the natural point of contact when immediate problems arise and they are in need of advice. We know that many are too afraid to even call 112 when party drugs get out of hand an an accident occurs. They are too afraid of the consequences, both from the police and their parents. That’s where Jiddra Inte comes in.”


Stiftelsen Jiddra Inte is a foundation founded by Patrik Pelosio, former drug criminal and gang leader. Patrik is also the author of the book “Jiddra Inte” about his life. Today he works full time helping you people to find a new community and a path away from drugs and criminality. Ongoing activities, projects and events include inspiration camps, mentoring, films, educational material and workshops for schools and teachers.

Jiddra Inte collaborates with high schools, vocational schools and elementary schools, as well as experts and social educators. The foundation creates films where young people share their experiences about drugs and alienation. The target group is young adults aged 13 – 25, as well as family, friends and teachers / schools. Everyone is welcome to take part and contribute to the work. Sponsors are crucial for the work to continue and the foundation to grow. Examples of sponsors and partners include Arvsfonden, Tollare Folkhögskola, Cloudreel, Unga Vuxna Uppsala, Ung0156, Changemaker Educations, Forsbergs skola, among others.