Change comes from seeing things through new perspectives

We believe that great ideas happen when great people think together

We are a change agency.

Collaborations, processes, out-of-the-box thinking and light bulb moments. We are change consultants. We help companies, organizations and individuals see things through new perspectives to find smart solutions to their problems or challenges.

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Our team

Hire a consultant through us for a short, intense and effective period. Use us as moderators and facilitators at workshops. Or get it done - use us as firestarters!

Tom Løyche

Tom Løyche is the founder of Changemaker AB and it’s CEO. He is an idea driven leader who makes opportunities of the reality and the reality of possibilities.
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Per Myrén

Per Myrén is Head of Development and a certified firestarter at Changemaker AB. He is a typical jack-of-all-trades, an entrepreneur and a doer. Try him out. You will get challenged.
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Irene Poggi

After some experiences in Italy related to project implementation in the field of social integration, citizen participation and urban regeneration, Irene has arrived in Sweden with the aim of exploring…
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Anna Möller

Organization Architect
Anna is Head of Education at our school ChangeMaker Education. Expert on change, development, growth, organization and skill development.
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Anders Pettersson

Senior Advisor
Anders is our senior consultant with deep experience and knowledge in psychology, social movements and organisational learning and development. He is the Former Head of Brunnsviks Folkhögskola and will continue…
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And all our friends…
Awesome people with magic skills

We have a wide variety of partners and consultants in our network. We have been working with some of them during the last ten years, some of them only two weeks. They all share our values and together we create strong teams, experienced and eager. The question is not if we can make it happen, it’s what you want to do.

Find us

info@changemaker.nu // +46 (0) 703 513 437
Järntorget 3, 413 04 Göteborg, Sweden