These are some of the things we are changing right now.

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See changes come to life, and change lives.

Community Reporters

Community Reporters is an international network (six countries in Europe) of reporters, started in Manchester, England. The aim with the...
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FUNKTEK – Co-Creative Museum Development

In a joint project called FUNKTEK – co-creative museum development – we will collaborate together with Göteborgs Stadsmuseum, Utopias and...
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Innovation Platform Gothenburg

In Gothenburg, Sweden a new Innovation Platform for Sustainable Urban Development are being established. The platform will be an arena...
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We are developing an interactive, participatory and digital platform in order to preserve, develop and pass on the available knowledge of weaving into the future.


How can we make a difference through food? Follow the urban food movement and learn more about producing food in...
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House of Change

We believe that great things happen when great people meet. That’s why we’ve decided to make our building at Åsögatan...
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