Education April 7, 2023

The first Newsletter for the Leadfarm 5.0 project has been released

Last news from the project and the new challenges the agri-food sector is facing

The objectives of #LEADFARM 5.0 are to analyse the emerging employment opportunities offered by digital innovations for a Society 5.0; to diagnose the future skills and competences needed in the agrifood cooperative sector; to develop innovative learning methodologies and support smart specialization mechanisms aimed at cooperatives and new farmers and livestock farmers; to promote scientific dissemination through new forms of accessible learning that guarantee equal opportunities for groups at risk of exclusion, and to encourage the participation of women in the new emerging jobs detected and promote the cooperative culture and values needed in the 5.0 Society.

Read the Newsletter and learn more about Social and Emotional intelligence, ICT applied to agriculture, and emerging challenges for farmers connected to climate change and managerial change.