Education December 16, 2022

Clim@venture: Storytelling

At the end of November, we met in Italy with our project partners and we learned about media competencies and storytelling.

The Clim@venture project continues. In the first 10 months of the project, we interviewed secondary school students in Germany and Italy and listened to their motivation and interest in climate change-related topics and their social media activities.

The first module for the workbook for students contains some experiments explaining climate change and a guide for the teachers explaining how to propose the experiments to the students.

From the 22nd and the 24th of November, we met in Italy for the second training and co-lab. During the three days, our partner and host Italia che cambia taught us how to make videos and how to tell stories. Thanks to what we learnt we have started working on the videos that will be an important part of the tools that we are going to use in the methodology to teach teenagers the importance of the preservation of our environment.