Projects March 30, 2012

Changemaker at international conference Planet under Pressure 2012

Changemaker and Per Myrén has just been in London, March 27th, and been participating in the international conference Planet under Pressure 2012 – a major conference focusing on solutions to the global sustainability challenge.

Per presented two subprojects and tools from the project Mistra Urban Futures which he has been working with during 2011. The Ipad game 2021 and the leightweight visualization tool UrbaniaBeta. Read more about the project at Mistra Urban Futures – Urban Games

Read more about the tools and paper: Urban Games: Gaming and Visualization for Sustainable Urban Tranformation



About the conference session:

Prospects of information and communications technology (ICT) for sustainability in developing countries

The goal of this session is to explore how diverse ICT tools could be utilized for building faster dissemination of environmental awareness and influences on public opinion on environmental policy and decision-making. It also seeks for practical case studies of how ICTs are used by various groups across different areas as strategies to reduce environmental stress.