Projects April 13, 2011

From the Red Fire Truck to Permanent Readiness

Emergency Centre Hjørring, Denmark, is visiting Changemaker for 2 days.

What needs in the public consciousness, is a modern Alert Center a responds to? When it is no longer sufficient to deal with fire when it is on the loose, but more and more pressure is put on preparatory work, then a modern Alert Center is forced to go out and sell a lot of “What If” – scenarios to secure situations before they arise. This means that employees have to switch from one traditionally Alert center-mindset into a new state of mind – Precautional Readiness.

They are forced to take the initiative themselves and go out and educate and communicate in new ways. How does a model for new ways of actions look? We dealt with issues like this within the stay in Sweden. Now they are back in Denmark and testing. Alert, looking for early signals in the society. Preventing. Readymade.