9 May 2016

Gamemaker Luleå – a brand new game school!

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Gamemaker Luleå is our (Changemaker Educations) latest games development education. Apply before May 15th!
Gamemaker Luleå a thirteen-week public education (folkhögskoleutbildning) that provides knowledge and skills in producing board games and simpler digital games. The training is aimed at all those interested in gaming and games development at a beginner och junior level. The training is part-time and is CSN justified. Principal for Gamemaker Luleå is Sunderby Folkhögskola.
The training concept promotes both creativity and structured project work. The program focuses on production, with the support of the lecture / inspiration, and is characterized by education “learning by doing – learning by reflection.”
The theoretical level of the education is determined by the participants’ prior understanding, knowledge of games development. Regardless of entry, participants will be able to produce with his group of at least a board game and two digital games. The program has four modules: Physical games (board games), Digital games, Event and presentations, Feedback and Internal evaluation of game production and collection of content and learning experiences.
Each part of the course includes theory, lecture, inspiration, practical production and presentation opportunities. Supervision is provided both at the course and in part digitally between meetings as agreed between participants and instructors. If you want more information, contact Per Myrén, Head of Education at Changemaker Educations

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