Services August 25, 2011

Let’s get personal – Are you ready?

Changemaker proudly presents, a Kassandra Production – a performance workshop!

LET’S GET PERSONAL is a humorous performance lecture about personal optimizing, radical positioning and collective bedazzlement.

The performance comments the mediated ’performance’ society of today, the politicians’ use of newspeak and the art’s role in the wake of the experience economy.

LET’S GET PERSONAL is an absurd report from the happiest country in the world, with a personal commentary ranging somewhere between blind angles and clear views – in a fusion of physical gospel and oral pas de deux.

In LET’S GET PERSONAL, Annika B. Lewis continues her long-term project of breaking the boundaries of what dance and theatre can be, at the same time examining modern man in a challenging and entertaining way.

Changemaker and Annika has worked together on several occasions, in workshops, management courses and art installations. Try this one out and get personal!

Take a look at the trailer!

Download more information (pdf) Let’s Get Personal Pamflet