The Game is on

The game Future Happiness Challenge aims at communicating the results of the report Low-Carbon Gothenburg.


Our foodmaker Martin speaks out!

Our own foodmaker – Martin Berg – gives his opions on food, equality and local entrepreneurship.


Digiväv gets more funding!

Proud to announce - once again DigiVäv gets more funding! For the second year in a row the Region of Västra Götaland (VGR) has granted our project DigiVäv funding.


Bronze Age Binoculars – time to play!

In the beginning of July (6th) Trafikverket and Vitlycke Museum will open up their new hot spot of rock carvings and overlook of the Tanum World Heritage. Changemaker is proud to have been a part of this historic project!

What's new?

Honk Please!

Honkplease is newly started and is a part of Changemaker AB. It could be a publishing house as well as a public relation agency, we´ll see.


The Foodmaker Book

Foodmaker is an education and perhaps the beginning of a movement. The education has been tested and evaluated and started for the second time.


Foodmaker – eat & learn

Our new thinking education for living in an urban environment. It is all about food - from growing, harvesting, preparing, eating and enjoying and selling.


FUNKTEK – Co-Creative Museum Development

In a joint project called FUNKTEK - co-creative museum development - we will collaborate together with Göteborgs Stadsmuseum, Utopias and The Interactive Institute Göteborg.


New Vocational training programmes!

Our education company - Changemaker Educations AB - is still successful in delivering new vocational training programmes (Yrkeshögskoleutbildningar).



We are developing an interactive, participatory and digital platform in order to preserve, develop and pass on the available knowledge of weaving into the future.